Thursday, April 29, 2010

My little 2 year old.

I must admit, I cannot believe it has been two years. Time flies when you have a child. I'm sure you all know this tid bit of information of course. I mean, there is never a dull moment. I am going to speak for Bob too when I say we are having the time of our lives. It is so funny that we could really be having a terrible day. Bob and I can come in from work and look like we have been beat to death. Kayden can be pitching a fit. The house a wreck and smells from the garbage we should have taken out that morning. And just before Bob and I go to sleep we can't help but to talk about how much we love Kayden and recap our favorite Kayden moments of the day.
So, this may get long winded but, I need to list some things that Kayden loves to do at the moment.

1. Kayden loves to be outside and playing with the neighborhood kids.
2. If you just add water to whatever she is doing outside she is in heaven.
3. She is a daddy's girl and will request a Jeep ride often.
4. She loves the silly bandz, bubbles, baby, and blankie.

So, naturally, I learned a few quick lessons from Kayden.

First, when Kayden first arrived on the scene I wanted to do everything and be perfect.
Secondly, I wanted to her to have everything.
And finally, I wanted to be doing whatever other people were doing for their children.

My lessons learned were:
1. Nothing is ever perfect! There will always be the perfect Easter dress complete with a chocolate milk stain by the time you get to church.
2. & 3. There is no outfit or event that is more important than spending time with, and truly be savoring the moments with my family.

Bob and Kayden...."I love you both so much."-Momma
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